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Double gatefold LP (black) including a bandcamp download card

Three years after "Kornog", an album dealing with the water element of Breton's sea legends, "Argoat", which means something like "land of the woods", continues where its predecessor left off and focuses on the earth element - mainly local mystic forests, wild animals and Celtic gods. It is again sung in Breton. The final track the album, "Arvestal", is a metal interpretation of a John Barry song (The Persuaders - 1971).

Argoat was recorded between November 2018 and May 2019, as usual in an old school home studio.

LP limited to 400 copies (black)


1. Karvden (5:42)
2. Bleizken (5:35)
3. Argoat (5:09)
4. Nozweler (6:11)
5. Huelgoat (6:59)
6. Dishualder (6:39)
7. Duadenn (6:45)
8. Steuziadur (7:20)
9. Arvestal (2:36)

(53 minutes)
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